About us

In 1969, he stepped into the sector with the sale of retail glass and this profession which passed from father to son took a corporate journey together with glass wholesale and then glass processing facilities.

Trakya Grup Cam  has been serving as an architectural glass processing plant for more than 27 years with its network spreading to our country and abroad in 3 continents. 80% of its exports are made to the developed countries of Europe like Germany, Switzerland, Norwegian countries. In addition, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Russia and northern Iraq in countries such as the facade of the walls have been decorated.



Trakya Group Cam continues to increase its quality and machinery trails day by day. Esenyurt Haramidere factory which is the first production plant still continues production with the excitement of the first day. In 2014, the second production facility, Silivri Kınalı factory, has been completed and production started. With the installation of this plant, production capacity has been increased to 4 times.

In 2014, Şişecam Düzcam has obtained the accreditation of “Temperable Low-E and Temperable Solar Low-E glasses (processing authority given by şişecam düzcam).